We are more than a day care: we are a Child Development Center! Our mission is to provide a quality childcare experience that helps each child develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.



Children are given chances to explore through a variety of mediums. They are encouraged to expand their knowledge of their world through the use of sensory materials, cooking experiences, large motor activities, musical instruments, and open-ended and manipulative toys.

Our Classrooms

Food Program

We serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack daily. One day we could be having barley, beans and roasted vegetables while another day we could be having freshly baked pita bread and hummus. Our well balanced, fresh menu is unseen anywhere else.

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Outdoor Environment

Our well shaded playground is the perfect place to get out and run around.  Although outside time is built formally into our schedule twice a day, you just never know when a group could go outside to search for leaves to use in an art area or to blow colored bubbles and so much more!

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