Ms. Martha, star lead teacher

Ms. Martha, star lead teacher

Our Star classroom functions as a community of children, families, and teachers. Teachers support learning through play. There is acknowledgment and appreciation that children progress in their learning through different paths and at different speeds. We aim to accommodate these unique learning styles by providing a classroom full of choices.

Our Star teachers value and support children's unique learning styles and strengths. There is structure to the day and planning for materials and activities that allows children choice while supporting age-appropriate learning goals.  Our centers include art, sensory, building, dramatic play, pre-math and pre-language which allows for a child to choose centers in which he has an affinity and be exposed to centers in which he is in the process of learning.

Socially, our teachers continue to support the growing relationships that are being built among a child and her friends.  We encourage cooperative play when appropriate and teacher conflict resolution as they happen in the moment.  

The Star classroom consists of children approximately 30 to 35 months with a student/teacher ratio of 10 to 2.