February 2018

Mark Your calendars:


  • Monday, February 19th: CDC closed for staff training day
  • Thursday-Friday, March 15-16th: Staff Work Day & Center Holiday
  • Friday, March 30th: Center Holiday
  • Friday, April 20th: Tentative date for Spring Festival 

Gate: I have not forgotten about the gate. I am working with a fencing company to install a new gate latch on the gate closest to the parking lot--I realize it has been giving people trouble.  

Supply Fee:  The second installment of the supply fee was charged on February 1st.  The amount is $125.  It is due by February 28th.

Intent forms:  Intent forms are going out this month, asking you to let us know if you plan to keep your child here this summer and next year.  I realize that you may not know for sure at this point, but please let us know to the best of your knowledge.  If you know that you might be moving sometime soon, let me know it is a possibility.  I promise we won’t give your child’s spot away until you know for sure!

Late Fee Reminder:  Our closing time is 6pm.  We recommend trying to get here by 5:50 at the latest so that you don’t have to rush your child out the door immediately.  Your children have so many things they want to share with you at the end of the day: art projects to show you, favorite toys and books to tell you about.  Most kids respond better when they have a minute to show you around before hurrying home.  

We understand that sometimes circumstances are beyond your control and you can’t help but arrive late. However, we want to keep it from becoming a habit.  We have liability issues to worry about as well as tired teachers who want to get home.  (Many of our staff have long bus rides before they get home, and leaving just a few minutes later can mean missing an earlier bus.)

If you pick up between 6:00 and 6:05, you will be charged $15. After 6:05, you will be charged an additional $10 for every 5 minutes you are late.  (See your parent handbook for more information.)

Staff Birthdays:

February 13th:  Marcia (Sunbeam pm)

Out and About

Jugglefest:  Who doesn’t love a great juggler?  Kids in particular love them! Held at the Texas School for the Deaf, February 23rd-25th, the festival, is hosted by the Texas Juggling Society and will include hours of workshops games and special performances. $20 for three-day admission and public show show. Find more information at  http://juggling.place.org/jugglefest

Nature’s Number Exhibit: Play with math and nature at the Nature and Science Center. Explore shapes, structures, and puzzles found in nature while creating a foundation for math. It is being held through May 6th.  Find more information http://www.austintexas.gov/department/austin-nature-and-science-center

2018 Vietnamese New Year: Tết, the Vietnamese New Year is the most imporatant holiday in the Vietnamese culture. This year is the year of the Dog, and there will fun activities for all ages. The event will feature dragon dances, cultural performances, authentic Vietnamese food, red envelope, cultural performances, Ao Dai Fashion Show, Martial Arts, and activities for the kids. Held on February 18th, you can find more information at https://www.vacat.org/events/tfa18/

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live is based on the PBS tv show and will be at Bass Concert Hall, February 24th.  Daniel and his friends invite you the neighborhood of make-believe where Daniel learns about what is like to be King for a day. It’s an event that teaches a valuable lesson on kindness, helping others and being a friend.  Find more information at https://texasperformingarts.org/event/daniel-tigers-neighborhood-live-2018-bass-concert-hall-austin-texas

ABC Zilker Kite Festival: This popular event held on Sunday, March 4th, from 10:00-5:00, thrills kids of all ages as color fills the sky.  Bring your own kite or make one while you are there, this is an Austin tradition that all should experience at least once! Find more information at https://www.abckitefestival.org/


What do you really know about Adrienne, one of our Rainbow teachers?
What is your educational background?  I doubled Majored in  Birth - 6th grade education & Geography at Oneonta University in New York

Where were you before First English? I taught  at at Early Childhood Development Center after I graduated.

What do you like about teaching?  I love children's excitement to learn new things.  I love that we are not just teaching about math/science but also teaching them how to be kind and caring. It’s just as important to to teach children about the world around them.

Which is your most favorite children's book ever? The Giving Tree

What is your taste in music? Classic Rock.

If given a complete freedom to start afresh and couldn't teach, what profession would you choose and why? I would try writing and illustrating a children's book. I have always enjoyed art and writing but never persuaded.

What is your idea of fun? If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day? I would pick up my favorite food to take on a picnic and go hiking.

Which is your favorite time of the day, are you a morning person or a night person? I like the mornings because its calm and quiet and it feels like you have the world to yourself before the day starts. I enjoy that first cup of coffee.