June 2017

From Your Director:

In the course of this school year, some of you have received phone calls from Child Care Licensing, asking questions about First English.  Since this seems to have become a standard procedure for Licensing in the past year or so, I thought I’d provide you with a little more information so that you won’t be surprised if you receive such a phone call.

Any time a child receives an injury at school that results in their needing medical attention, all child care centers are required to make a self-report to Licensing.  This happens 3 or 4 times every school year.  We’ve had to report everything from a rock up the nose that we were unable to remove to a bump on the head that concerned us to a cut on the forehead that needed stitches.  After we make the report, a licensing rep contacts us to gather more information.  Sometimes they come out in person to look around.  Sometimes they just gather information by fax and phone.  They always speak to the parents of the injured child.

Lately, they have added to their investigations a request for the phone numbers of several parents in the same class as the injured child.  They call these parents to make sure that there are no concerns about the level of supervision we are providing.  They may also call to inform you that they interviewed your child during their visit.

Please don’t be alarmed if you receive such a phone call.  It really is standard operating procedure.  We are always required to post the results of our  most recent licensing visit, so you can see the results of these self-reports for yourself on the bulletin board outside my office.  (They are also available on the DFPS website.)

You are always welcome to talk to us if you have concerns.


Thank you for trusting us with your children.



Mark Your Calendars:

July 4th:Center Holiday

August 1st-4th:  Meet Your Child’s New Teacher! (More info to come.)

August 17th and 18th:  CDC closed for Training and Work Day

August 21st:  New School Year Begins!


Summer Moves:

I know some of you are wondering about when your child will move up to the next class.  Most kids will move on August 21st, the official start of the school year.  But if you’ve been here a while, you know that we usually move a few of the older children during the summer.  We do this for two main reasons:  First, it helps us to keep enrollment up by allowing us to bring in new children from the waitlist.  Second, it helps with the transitions to new classrooms by giving some children a chance to become familiar with the new routines beforehand.   These older children can be very helpful when the rest of the group joins them at the end of the summer.  We do plan to make some of these moves at the beginning of July and possibly at the beginning of August as well.  You’ll be hearing from us soon.  Feel free to check in if you have questions about when and where your child will be moving.

Summer Music and Soccer:

Please sign up NOW if you want your child to participate.  The new Music session starts on the 7th of June and is open to all children.  Soccer starts on June 16th and is open to children 3 and older.  Here are the links to register:

 Soccer shots:  https://austin.ssreg.org/?sitename=first+english&input_address=

 Opus One Music:  https://opusonekids.com/register/austin/

Volunteer(s) Needed:

Our lovely and wonderful former First English director Linda Collins has been helping me with the massive undertaking of organizing the toy storage area we lovingly refer to as “the pit.”  While sorting through the piles and piles of dress-up clothes, she has noticed that some of them could use a good washing!  Would you be willing to take home a basket of dress-up clothes to wash?  If so, drop by the office and let us know.  Thanks.

Water Play is coming soon!  Water play will be held on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. The lead teachers and I will be meeting next week to discuss the details, so look for more information about the exact start date and what you need to bring coming very soon.

 A Couple of Reminders:

  • Only grown-ups open doors and gates at First English.  If your child wants to open the door/gate, tell him or her that it is a school rule.  We are happy to be the bad guys here!  Help us keep our children safe.

  • We have been happily letting parents in through the side door that leads directly to the Fellowship Hall during breakfast.  While we really don’t mind doing this, we are realizing that a lot of our kids are skipping the important step of washing their hands before breakfast.  Washing hands upon arrival and before every meal is one of the most important ways we limit the spread of germs in the center.  Please help us with this by heading to the bathroom to wash hands before coming to breakfast.

  • No Big Kids in the Toddler Swings!  Please save the two bucket swings for children who are under 2.5 years old.  Again, please feel free to make us the bad guys.  I am totally fine with your telling your child “I’d love to push you in that swing, but Shannon says I can’t.”

 Staff Birthdays:

June 10th:  Adrienne Orlando (Rainbow Lead Teacher)

June 18th:  Valentina Osuna (Former Star Assistant teacher and floater who will be with the Rainbows this summer)

June 24th:  Tate Chitwood (Assistant Teacher for Sunbeams and Explorers.)