February 2017


February 2017


From Your Director:


This past month, I saw a really great example of how simple materials artfully presented can result in amazing creative experiences for kids.  Ms. LaQuetha created a “loose parts” tray for her math and science center.   Using a divided blue tray, she carefully selected materials of different sizes, shapes and textures that came together in an eye-pleasing manner in the tray.  There were blue glass beads, cotton swabs, turquoise popsicle sticks, circular wood pieces, and pattern blocks.  She set them out on the table and allowed the children to take turns creating.  The things they made were as interesting and unique as the kids themselves: some made patterns and abstract designs: others made figures; others made pretend food creations.  Since the designs couldn’t go home, Ms. LaQuetha documented the creations through pictures.  You could tell by the looks on the children’s faces that they felt tremendous pride in their work.  Ms. LaQuetha tells me it has been the most popular activity in the room lately.


Proof that sometimes the simplest materials make for the most creative play.


Thank you for trusting us with your children.



Mark Your Calendars:

Saturday, February 25th:  Parent Work Day

Monday, February 20th: CDC closed for staff training day

Friday, April 14th:  Staff Work Day

Friday, April 28th: Tentative date for Spring Festival and Fundraiser


Just a reminder: Don’t forget to close and latch gates and doors behind you.  I know  it seems like a pain sometimes, but keep in mind that this is an important part of our system of safeguards.  It’s worth a little inconvenience to keep our children safe.  Also, please help us remind the children that at our school “only grown-ups open doors.”  Thanks for your help.


Speaking of the gate: I have a call in to a handyman service to install a new gate latch on the gate closest to the parking lot--I realize it has been giving people trouble.  (If any of you handy parents want to save us some money by doing it for us, let me know!)


New Date for Work Day:  I have had a conflict come up on February 11th and the 18th, so I’d like to try to do our work day on February 25th.  The two main things I’d like to focus on for this work day are: taking a load of broken toys and furniture to the dump and painting the hallway. I’ll send out a Signup Genius link in the next few days.


Spring Break:  First English is open all of Spring Break this year (March 13-17).  Being open during this week is always challenging for us.  Because so many of our teachers are college students, we really like to be able to give as many of them the week off as possible. Please let us know ahead of time if your child will be out that week so that we can plan for staffing.  Thanks for your help!


Supply Fee:  The second installment of the supply fee was charged on February 1st.  The amount is $125.  It is due by February 28th.  You are welcome to add the amount to your tuition check if you don’t want to write 2 checks.


Volunteer to help with our fundraiser:  We’ll be holding our Spring Festival and fundraiser at the end of April (the 28th is our tentative date.)  We’ll be planning lots of fun activities for the kids and hope to raise some funds to help pay for the resurfacing of our playground.  We’d love to have your help with planning and orchestrating this.  Please send me an email if you are interested.


Intent forms:  I will be sending out intent forms later this month, asking you to let us know if you plan to keep your child here this summer and next year.  I realize that you may not know for sure at this point, but please let us know to the best of your knowledge.  If you know that you might be moving sometime soon, let me know it is a possibility.  I promise we won’t give your child’s spot away until you know for sure!