May 2016

From Your Director:  A Glimpse of the Explorer Room.

Because our Explorer Class is in a separate building, I think parents in the younger classes miss out on opportunities to peek into the room and see some of the really cool things that happen in that classroom.  Stepping into the Explorer Room is like stepping into a different world for someone like me who spent most of her classroom years working with toddlers.   Whereas in our toddler classrooms a new grown-up entering the room brings about big reactions--either curiosity or a little trepidation or an opportunity for extra hugs--a grown-up entering the Explorer Room may receive no reaction whatsoever!  The children are usually so engaged with what they are doing that they may glance up briefly and then return to their work.

The Explorer year is a year of blossoming independence and huge leaps in cognitive development--all expertly guided by the wonderful LaQuetha Ford.  The other day, when I walked into the classroom, the children had just begun their group time.  They were discussing Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Ms. LaQuetha started by quizzing them over some of the new vocabulary they have encountered:  they easily explained the meanings of “scalding”, “wee”, “curious” and several other new words.  Ms. LaQuetha then asked them to name the characters in the story, and they did.  She threw in a little math by discussing an important number in the story (three) and by discussing the comparative sizes of the beds, chairs, and porridge bowls.  The Explorers will be doing an early version of comparative literature by reading and discussing different versions of the story:  e.g. Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.

I walked out of the room feeling very impressed with our sharp little students and wanted to share with you what I had observed.  Our Explorer Class lives up to their name--they aim high and reach new goals all the time!

Thanks for trusting us with your children.