August 2015

From Your Director:

What a busy beginning of the year it has been!  Of course, the beginning of the school year is always busy, but this one seems even more so than usual.  

Several of you brought gifts of food for our teachers last week, and I want to thank you for thinking of them.  The first week in new classrooms can be tough on kids, and it can be tough on teachers, too.  After working lots of extra hours to get the classrooms ready beforehand, we spend the first week getting to know 10-16 new personalities, 10-16 new languages, 10-16 new drop-off routines.  We hold crying children, help kids work through the confusion of new routines, lead clean-up times in new spaces where no one  knows where to put anything, and at the same time, many of us are getting used to working with new co-teachers.  Thank you for recognizing that we’re worn out after the first week, just like your children were.

And yet, we’re off to a great start: there are already fewer tears; children already seem more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Thanks for all your support.  And thanks for trusting us with your children.


Mark Your Calendars:

  • Monday, September 7: CDC Closed for Labor Day
  • Saturday, September 26:  Fall Work Day
  • Monday, October 12:  CDC Closed for Training Day
  • October 19-23: Book Fair
  • Friday, October 23:  Fall Festival

Staffing news: You have probably noticed some new faces around First English recently.  We have some wonderful new teachers joining us this year.  We hope to get our staff bulletin board (outside the office) updated shortly; but in the meantime, here is a quick summary of who’s who in all of our classrooms.


  • Jaci Armadillo (lead) 7:30-3:00
  • Lauren Eichhorn 8:30-1:00  
  • Karissa Villanueva 2:00-5:30/6  
  • Audrey Spalding 2:00-5:30/6  


  • Ben Cook (lead) 7:30-3:00pm
  • Karissa Villanueva 8:30-1:00
  • Audrey Spalding 8:30-1:00  
  • Lauren Eichhorn 2-5:30  


  • Martha Castillo (lead) 7:30-3:00
  • Valentina Osuna 8:30-1:00
  • Arielle Tamez 2-6:00
  • Hannah Brubaker 2-6:00


  • Sarah Dorroh (lead) 7:30-3:00
  • Cathy Pletcher 8:30-1:00
  • Malcolm Biggs 9:00-1:00, 2:00-5:30
  • Amanda Sewell 2:30-6:00


  • LaQuetha Ford (lead) 8:30-1:00
  • Alexis Tovar 7:30-2:00
  • Lauren Moore  2/2:30-6:00
  • Sabrina Shao  2/2:30-6

Book Fair and Fall Festival:  The First English Book Fair will be happening the week of October 19-23!  The Book Fair is a great place to get started on your Christmas shopping with books for all your young friends and family.  It also helps us out, because we get “Scholastic Bucks” to spend based on how much we sell.  We will be asking for volunteers to help run the fair in the afternoons.  If anyone is interested in serving as the chairperson for the Book Fair, please let me know.

We will also ask for volunteers to help run our annual Fall Festival on October 23rd.  This is a fun evening of games, costumes, food, and community.  Watch for more information.

Fall Work Day:  On Saturday, September 26th, we will hold a work day at First English.  I’ll be putting together a list of projects and asking for volunteers to come help out and meet other parents.  Right now, it is looking like most of the projects will be playground-related: preparing our garden beds, pruning weeds along the fence line, and sealing the playscape.

Extra classes: Here is a quick run-down on our extra classes.

Tumbling starts on September 8 (Tues) and is for Stars, Rainbows, and Explorers.  Classes will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  The cost is $210 for the fall session ($140 for siblings).  To sign up, pick up a form in the office. You can leave the form and your payment in the Tuition binder in the zipper pocket labeled “Tumbling”.

Music starts on  Wednesday, September 9 and is open to all classes.  It takes place on Wednesday afternoons.  To register, either leave the registration form and payment in the Tuition binder’s “Music” pocket or register and pay online at  Cost is $176 for the Fall session.

Soccer Shots starts on Friday, September 11, and is open to Rainbows and Explorers.  Classes take place on Friday mornings.  Register and pay online  Cost is $120 for a 10-week session plus $25 registration fee.

Quickbooks Invoices and Statements: You should receive an invoice tomorrow for September tuition.  If not please let Shannon know.  A reminder that those of you who just moved to the rainbow Room will now be paying $900/month instead of $960.  (Don’t forget to change your automatic payments!)  Sunbeams, moonbeams, and Stars are $960/month.  Explorers are also $900.  By the middle of the month, you should receive a statements confirming receipt of your tuition payment.  Tuition is due by the 5th (or the Monday following.)

Playground Equipment update:  Remember that time when I told you I was going to buy some new climbing equipment for the playground with the money from our last fundraiser?  After doing lots of research, I finally came to the conclusion that new regulations will not allow us to add any new climbing equipment on the playground.  So it's back to the drawing board.  I’ll keep you posted.

Menus:  Our weekly menus is posted on the menu page of our website.  Just scroll down to the link below the sample menu.