February/March 2016

From Your Director:  

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring!  My favorite thing about spring at FELCDC is the planting of our spring gardens. At this time of year, our teachers usually base one week’s lesson plans around a garden theme and enlist the help of their little gardeners to plant some seeds and seedlings.  Some in plastic cups in the room, some in plastic bags in the windows, and some in the garden boxes on the playground.  Before long, we should have some pretty flowers to brighten up our playground--and hopefully some things for the children to taste, too.  

It is amazing how often children will taste things that grow in a garden that they’d never eat on a plate.  My children love to find the chives growing in our yard and eat them by the handful.  I seriously doubt they would be as thrilled to find a plateful of chives for dinner!  Discovering where fruits and vegetables come from makes them so much more interesting and appealing. That’s just one of many reasons we love gardening with children.

Thanks for trusting us with your children.


Mark Your Calendars:

  • Friday, March 18th: Closed for Staff Work Day
  • Friday, March 25th:  Center Holiday
  • April 11-15: Week of the Young Child
  • April 15th:  Save the Date for our Spring Festival and Fundraiser!
  • May 2-6: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Friday, May 27th: Staff Training Day
  • Monday, May 30th: Center Holiday

Seeking Your Help!  It’s time to start planning our Spring Festival and fundraiser for April 15th.  If you love this sort of thing, talk to me about how you can help.  We could especially use the help of anyone with photography skills who’d be interested in taking photos of the kids.

Spring Supply Fee: Please make sure you have paid the Spring installment of the supply fee ($125 due February 29th).

Intent Forms:  We will soon be sending home intent forms for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please let us know to the best of your knowledge whether your child will be staying at First English this summer and fall.  If it’s easier, you can shoot me an email with the title “Intent Form”.  This information is enormously helpful in planning for enrollment and staffing.  Thanks in advance.

Alexis is back!  It turns out that leaving First English helped Alexis realize how much she loves being here, so she’s back working her old schedule with the Explorers.  We’re so happy to have her!

Closing schedule:  In case you’re confused about who is in charge of closing the school in the afternoons, here is our current schedule:

  • LaQuetha closes Monday and Friday.
  • Meghan closes Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Shannon closes Wednesday.
  • If one of us is not here, Malcolm closes.  

The person who closes is the official person in charge--look for one of us, if you have questions or need help in the afternoons.

March birthdays  

The following teachers have birthdays this month:

  • March 12th: Malcolm (Rainbow)
  • March 20th: Arielle (Star)
  • March 26th: Alexis (Explorer)
  • March 29th:  Audrey (Sunbeam)

Wish them a happy day!

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